Shipping Solutions Broker

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  • Brain E-Log is constantly renegotiating agreements with more than 10 major players in parcel distribution. In addition to benefiting from extremely competitive shipping rates, you will be advised to select the best suited carrier for your product type and requirements (key destinations, rates, deadlines, insurance coverage, etc.). As such, Brain E-Log has a real broker role!
  • The world of package distribution is evolving as fast as e-commerce is invading the planet, and players are showing imagination to present ever more innovative solutions, although it is not always easy to “build your market”. Brain E-Log watches over you, and can offer you the proven solutions that fit your business model!

Several delivery options

  • Postage and delivery charges
  • Packages with or without tracking (home, pickup stores)
  • Classic or express shipments
  • Air transport shipments to reach the most distant destinations in record time
  • Pallet shipments, grouping for your larger shipments
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Benefits of tracking your shipments  

  • Increased ability to investigate and resolve incidents with Brain E-Log’s carrier partners
  • Allows you to proactively send information to your customers in order to reduce the time your after-sales service spends to answer your customers.