Strategic Geographic Location

Located along the Paris, Lille, Brussels, Antwerp and Amsterdam routes. Brain e-Log is located in the heart of Europe and therefore offers an optimal location for centralized logistics. This position is ideal for both reception of goods (road, air or sea) and shipping throughout the continent, or even further away thanks to our cost-effective worldwide shipping solutions!

europe express-min

A storage solution adapted to your needs

  • Brain E-Log provides you with a modern 3000m² warehouse, divided into pallet storage areas (2850 positions), shelf areas and “buffer” zones allowing, for example, cross-docking operations or large-scale handling operations.
  • We have a shelf area, isolated from the warehouse and therefore ideal for small products that are sensitive to dust.


  • We have implemented a strict building access control policy.
  • The entry and exit of objects and people are permanently monitored by cameras.

24/7 information access and tracking

  • We provide you with access to our online WMS.
  • You can consult the evolution of your stock and movement histories on each item in real time.
  • Every day, you receive an automatically generated personalized report, for example, to populate your ERP.